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Long Island solar energy affordable hot water solar heater systems and affordable photovoltaic pv electric systems by NYSERDA certified solar installer experts in design, installation and repairs of any solar pv panels and hot water solar systems as far back as the stone age with the flat plate glycol active systems, todays steam engine technology. I know, I was selling and installing them back in the 70's when they were state of the art with my company, Solar Unlimited, in Nassau County. I will discuss everything about solar electric pv, solar hot water systems for domestic hot water, space heating, air conditioning, pool heating. Raising your house for more living space, dormer, home extensions, all to full solar by green building design for our perspective clients, homeowners, commercial buildings, industrial, any kind of solar application. I'll especially inform you of what not to do as some in this industry are doing at your expense. Believe me, Long Islander's with solar energy interests, before you sign a contract call us on any solar energy application, we'll tell you the truth, the facts, if it's a worthwhile solar investment on your property. Long Island is an ideal geographical area for our solar hot water systems and photovoltaic systems, the average insolation level at 3.25 rising to 5.48 in June. The closer you get to the south shore, the stronger the sun is as in Long Beach, especially in winter near the atlantic ocean when the sun is shining on a sixty one degree angel or the east or west side of one of the south shore canals as the sun reflects off the ocean and bay water during winter months intensifying the irradiation, not to mention the spring through fall months. Moreover, proper Long Island solar energy design and installation on Long Island is required for efficiency, safety, and protection, especially in Flood areas in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, and Brooklyn, all areas geographically part of Long Island.

Long Island Solar Energy Systems Proudly Supports our homeless and disabled U.S. Military Veterans by donating proceeds from minimal profit for green low income housing and employment and training in renewable energy and passive housing design:

Meet the U.S. Military Green Veterans & Learn about Going Green Click Here
Expert advice on what every NYC and Long Island homeowner, business, and commercial property owner can do to go green by human behavior and simple green upgrading every homeowner, business owner and commercial property owner can do by themselves to make a significant reduction on rising fossil fuel utility costs to electric, oil, propane, and natural gas.


Warning - Whatever you do, do not lease a photovoltaic system from anyone - it's not free
The leased pv system will end up costing you approximately six to eight times more than to buy and own it right out. If you buy it
 now while there are some utility incentives available, the photovoltaic system will pay for itself and you will own it in
 three to four years w/ solar electricity (profit) from your investment for the following twenty seven years and more"
You will not care anymore about utility costs soaring to history rates and continuing to do so for years to come!

"The best renewable solar energy products available you can get on Long Island and NYC
by expert NYSERDA certified solar system designer, manufacture, and installer"
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solar Installation, solar service, and solar repair locations: NYGBD of Long Island areas of affordable solar energy installations, solar service and solar repair locations are across Long Island and NYC, all of Suffolk County and Nassau County, all of New York City and boroughs, Manhattan, Queens County, Kings County - Brooklyn, Richmond County - Staten Island, Bronx County, and Queens County. And we install and repair solar energy in Westchester County. If you are not located in the Long Island area or New York City and interested in our solar hot water heater systems we will work with a reputable contractor in your area teaching them how to properly install our solar thermal hot water heating systems. site menu below - click on your topic of interest

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Hi Long Island, Introducing New York Green Building Design's TZ58/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC certified most powerful solar hot water passive direct heating system on Long Island, New York City, in fact, the entire world. This solar thermal direct heating pressurized collector holds eighty (80) gallons of solar thermal direct heating water of your direct feed cold water entering the 80 eighty gallon pressurized, 150psi, hot water storage tank designed for colder climates as Up-State New York and Canada. There are 30 of the highest efficiency independent evacuated tubes (patented) ever on the market. The thermal collectors lifespan is upwards of thirty years. We know they are perfect right here in our region from Long Island to Albany for the last nine years as we have installed them. I know of these thermal collectors are doing fine in Canada and abroad for eleven or more years as I have been in the industry since 1976. The TX58/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC certified is the

Introducing the TZ58/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC Certified Advanced
 Technology Passive Direct heating Solar Hot Water Heater Here Today

SUMMER PRE-ORDER SALE GOING ON NOW - installed by order #, two days to install, 1/2 hour hot water interruption

Call Today as we are having a summer pre-order sale of the TZ58/100C OG-300 SRCC Certified Passive Direct Solar Hot Water Heater. We recommend Ordering , 2 collectors for highest return on this solar thermal investment 60 evacuated tubes, 240 gallons of solar hot water storage. Initially save between $1200.00 to $3,000 by New York Green Building Design before 55% full Tax Credit Rebate you can write off over one to five years on your income taxes. Either have financing in place or we will help you get 100% financing at a fantastic low interest rate. During this Sale we can only commit to 60 collectors for residential and 60 collectors for businesses and commercial. Call for full details, we know you will tell all your friends, family, and neighbors, Requirements - flat or pitched roof w/ southern exposure with no shading. Sale is for Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York City boroughs and Westchester County. Sale Details: the TZ58/1800C sells in America by different solar companies from between $2,200 to $3,990 per collector retail without installation or shipping to the American Public. In this sale there is a limit of 60 TZ58/1800-30C collectors to be sold. Each collector is designed to solar pre-heat hot water for 1 to 4 family members a day. We recommend at least two collectors per household. Long Island Solar Energy Solar Thermal hot Water $1,600 per collector, up to three collectors delivered to your doorstep for $150.00. After your State and Federal Income Tax Credit Rebate the cost of Two (2) TZ58/1800-30C collectors (160 gallons of hot solar water storage) will cost you $1,507.50, the price of 1.5 250 gallon tanks of oil. They're very easy to install. Either you can do it, have your own plumber do it, or have one of our expert cooperating contractors install it with a hired U.S. Military Veteran learning at a discounted installation price. This collector will work efficiently with any conventional hot water heating system that will actually become a minute backup source for domestic hot water in the winter months. Nassau and Suffolk - basic proper installation cost for 1 story home w/ basement is $4,550.00/$2,044.75 after rebates, complete with engineer report and permits. 2 story house will increase by a few hundred dollars and so on. NYC is slightly higher for installation due to paperwork in filing for permits. When 60 are ordered we will deliver. We install, you install, or you have someone else install. Proceeds go towards our goal of housing disabled and homeless U.S. Veterans, creating education jobs for unemployed Veterans and further our cause.
30 Residential Collectors in Sale: 14 sold as of 6/20/14.   60 Commercial Collectors in Sale: 10 sold as of 6/20/14

The TZ58/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC Certified is the most powerful solar system of all solar pv & thermal energy systems made on the market. The solar collector and solar thermal system design is by far the most technologically advanced, and state of the art, most powerful solar hot water thermal hot water collector and system on earth. Each solar  evacuated double tube is larger in diameter and  longer, generating significantly more power, BTUs than any other solar thermal brand on the market. Each evacuated tube has a hollow cooper heating rod filled with a minuet amount of purified water rising in steam to the condenser of the copper heating rod several inches into the storage tank directly heating the domestic water. This repeats over and over independently in each evacuated tube from sunup to sundown. The TZ58/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC certified is the highest technologically advanced, state of the art solar thermal direct heating hot water collector on earth generating solar domestic hot water. The entire solar hot water system runs on the irradiation of the sun, the existing water pressure provided with your cold water from your water company, or existing well pump, and that's it. There are no mechanical moving parts, no electricity, no glycol to be replaced, no anything. We set it and you forget it, literally. And it will never freeze, the hot water storage tank has minimal heat loss in the coldest of winter nights and the evacuated tubes still heat water while it is snowing. That's a fact, and that's the technology, designed for colder climates than Long Island, as Canada and upstate New York where the previous generation of our solar thermal collectors have been heating hot water for the last decade and more with less advanced technology. Every time the conventional hot water heater fires to generate domestic hot water. The hot water heater or boiler in your home or business right now is not only using the utility gas or oil, it's burning electricity as well to fire the boiler or hot water heater: The DHSHW eliminates the utility and electric because it simply runs on the existing water pressure.  The conventional hot water will not fire when the solar hot water is running through higher than the aqua stat is set, usually at 120 degree F. And per square foot, that collector your looking at produces over 55% actual conversion of irradiation into heat, hot water for domestic hot water. And you have a solar hot water heater system designed for the next 30 years. Solar electric panels can only convert 16% to 21% of the suns light into electricity. In many cases, roof space is one of the most valuable commodities of a home or building.  Photovoltaic pv electric dc panel systems are very sensitive to absorbing visible sunlight from the sun to the photo cells in the panels need to mounted at a specific direction and pitch for optimal performance; the DHSHW OG-300 has allot more leeway in mounting direction and pitch for optimal output performance. A handy homeowner can install this solar hot water heater on their own house as well, it's so easy to do, and do correctly. Where having a big sale very soon keep watching, it's going to be huge. One of our associates is a renewable solar energy instructor at City University of New York and NYSERDA Certified in photovoltaic and thermal solar system designs and installations. Call us when you want to stop paying for electricity all together at a 25% return on your photovoltaic system. In 3.5 to 4 years you just paid off your solar investment. Now for the next 26 years your solar system is not only free from you keeping the utility money on the initial solar investment, but everyday for the next 26 years passively earning the money from your initial solar hot water/photovoltaic investment. And we'll design the solar system beautiful to fit esthetically to the homeowner's home and neighborhood. With our solar hot water and solar electric systems our clients do not save money, they make money from their solar energy investment starting the very day the solar system is up and running.

Warning "Don't be fooled by look-a-like solar thermal products promising same efficiency and quality"
You will be deceived. We fix or replace them when the solar company / manufacturer goes out of business.

The diagram to the left depicts the TX/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC certified eighty gallon thirty evacuated tube direct solar heated insolated storage tank system design. You will notice there is no cooper glycol heat exchanger coil in the hot water storage tank that increases our hot water efficiency hot water production by upwards of 30% when this system is properly installed with efficient insolation installed where needed to increase performance. We design (intellectual property) this system specifically for conventional on demand hot water heaters, conventional stand alone hot water heaters, and conventional indirect hot water heater systems, with all conventional hot water heater systems now a minimal back up system for snowing and very cloudy winter days. We're not interested in providing a solar hot water system that will produce 40% to 50% of your annual domestic hot water needs. With our pricing and installation technology we can provide upwards of 90% plus of the annual average household hot water usage with a pay back of approximately five to seven 250 gallon oil tank refills you pay to your oil company, money literally gone up in smoke. Every time your boiler fires to heat hot water, your gas or hot water heater/boiler is also using electricity. Electric is the highest cost of utility, and homeowners, businesses, utilizing existing electric hot water heaters qualify for electric utility and NYSERDA (NYC) incentives as well, thereby increasing the solar investment return dramatically. Even perspective clients using natural gas / propane to heat hot water from their conventional hot water heaters, will greatly benefit as all these utilities are soaring to historical rates that will continue to do so for years to come, thereby increasing your profit every time utility rates rise. That will not be your concern any longer, except for profit for upwards of thirty years or longer.

The DHSHW OG-300 is the highest technologically advanced, state of the art solar thermal hot water collector on earth. Each evacuated tube is larger in diameter and longer, significantly more powerful than our previous technology, and more powerful than any other thermal solar hot water heater brand. Each evacuated tube has a hollow cooper heating rod filled with a minuet amount of purified water rising in steam to the condenser of the copper heating rod in the storage tank directly heating the domestic water entering the solar thermal storage tank at approximately fifty degrees F; the same domestic water now entering into your conventional hot water heater. As the steam cools it automatically returns to the bottom of the copper tube in liquid form. This solar heating cycle repeats it's self over and over independently in each evacuated tube from sunup to sundown. Each evacuate tube heats independently with a double tube with a vacuum (highest insolation technology) between the tubes with a patented absorber material to capture the sun's irradiation...

Site Still Under Development to bring the public accurate information!


Long Island's Solar Hot Water Heater Highest Efficiency
How the DHSHW OG-300 Passive Solar Hot Water heater system works for home hot water use across Long Island
"the most powerful highest performance technology in the world to produce solar domestic hot water in homes and businesses"


The TZ/1800-30C OG-300 SRCC Certified series passive solar direct water heating collector system only requires the sun's radiation and city water pressure to operate; there are no other mechanical devices such as a water pump, or heat transfer fluids such as glycol or anti freeze, or any external energy as electricity, to operate this passive solar domestic hot water heater system; this passive solar system incorporates into the existing conventional hot water heater across Long Island and New York City homes, businesses, and commercial apartment buildings. Whatever utility oil, gas, or propane used to operate the conventional hot water heater also consumes electricity while the conventional hot water heater is firing. The TZ/1800-30C eliminates all utilities because the conventional hot water heater is not firing. The conventional hot water heater becomes a backup hot water heater in the winter months when the sun is at it's lowest insolation level (sun irradiation) and the household calls for more 120 degree domestic hot water. Then the evacuated tube collectors will raise the 50 degree water coming into the house before it reaches the conventional hot water heater even when it is cloudy and snowing, thereby reducing the utility cost to heat 50 degree water to 120 degrees for domestic household use.

Combine our evacuated tube technology and our passive solar thermal collector design and you have the most powerful solar system in the world working right here across Long Island and New York City, in fact, across America and the world. more information

Many people talk about esthetics:
 This solar thermal installation was installed on a doctor's million dollar home in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

front and rear view of Long Island's solar energy highest efficiency and quality domestic solar hot water direct heating solar system
on this million dollar Long Island home located in Suffolk County Long Island New York

The picture to the left depicts an old Long Island solar energy system to an exchange from a three flat plate solar collector active glycol system sticking up in the air like wings (steam engine technology) to a three evacuated tube collector active water drain back system producing solar domestic hot water on this residential ranch house owned by a doctor in Great Neck, Long Island, New York. The new solar updated system with this technology and design is not only three times more efficient generating hot water in the winter months, it's even more powerful the rest of the year, but can also be adapted to a hydronic heating system custom design to heat the house during day hours during the heating season with the use of the excess heat produced by the solar thermal collectors and also used to power solar air conditioning in the summer months in the Long Island, New York region. We can design any one solar thermal system for multiples uses including pool heating. After we installed the powerful evacuated tubes, a few weeks later the stone age, literally stone, heat exchanger tank blew, it could not handle the pressure and heat 212 degrees plus unlike our heat exchanger tanks for active split systems, highest quality and efficiency second to none.

Talk about solar esthetics: This Long Island homeowner got tired of paying his utility bills back in 2008. He is also a very smart homeowner knowledgeable about solar energy as he is an engineer. I remember the install. His neighbor across the street said she would never put solar on her house because she did not like the way it looked. It turned out 55% of her income tax dollars paid for her neighbor's solar systems she looks at every day while paying soaring utility bills on her home while Mr. Dockweiler pays next to nothing. EFFICIENCY VS. ESTHETICS Full story on Long Island Homeowner going Green Click here . From Mr. Dockweiler: I cannot fully express in words the appreciation I feel to all of you and your entire team. Your business ethic’s of the customer comes first is so commendable in a day and time when most contractors just want to do a “Hit and Run” estimate and installation. Your attentiveness to your customer’s needs and your quality workmanship is truly outstanding. Every aspect of the planning and installation was so well thought out, that it gave me such a relaxed piece of mind knowing that I had hired a great team of professionals to take care of my domestic hot water needs. The system has been up and running flawlessly for more than 3 months. I already see my returns growing from my investment and I know as time goes by more of these return’s will go right in my pocket and not to the oil companies. I wish more people would catch on not only for the monies, which believe me I enjoy, but also for the feeling that you are helping the environment for our children’s, and for their children’s future. I whole heartedly recommend your company to all individuals who are even just contemplating having a Solar Hot Water System installed or any Renewable energy needs configured for their homes or commercial buildings. Respectfully Yours, Patrick Dockweiler, West Babylon, Long Island, New York. September 17, 2010. Mr. Dockweiler feels this way because he is more than a customer, he is our client.

Long Island Solar Energy Division of Renewables' and Green Building Design
solar sale, solar installation, solar service, any solar repair, green dormers, green extensions, annual solar sun rooms, seasonal sun rooms, solar hot water, solar heat, solar air condition, solar pool heating, photovoltaic solar PV, geo thermal, wind.  We do complete renovations and build 0 energy custom solar homes by order. You have the land or we'll find it for you, we have an expert real estate investment broker on board. If you have an interest, contact us.

Our real estate broker also helps Long Island veterans and homebuyers pick up the right HUD home at a really fair price, transform the home by green building design to achieve the closest to 0 energy with renovation costs built into the mortgage loan. You can now double to quadruple the value of the original price. Our broker says it doesn't have to be a HUD house, it can be a short sale, foreclosure, reo, or arms length sale. He says you have to only know two things, the positioning of the roof and building lot, shading, and true market real estate value to base an offer. If you like these facts and interested in a great deal, give us a call. Our broker, also a U.S. Military Veteran would love to help you make a good solar green real estate investment.

DHSHW OG-300 Series Passive Pressurized Evacuated Tube Thermal Solar Direct Hot Water Heater
"the highest most powerful solar technology in Long Island and the world to produce solar domestic hot water in
 Long Island homes, Long Island commercial apartment buildings, hospitals, and Long Island businesses"

Photovoltaic PV Electric Systems Now Available in Long Island and the New York City Area

Long Island's  Affordable Solution to Global Warming and Energy Costs Soaring
Residential . Commercial . Industrial . Government Agency . Non Profit Organizations . Pool Heating . Business 

USA & Canada laboratory certified
DHSHW/SASHW Solar Hot Water Heater Systems
America SRCC & Canada CSA


Long Island Solar Energy Solar Hot Water Systems
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Solar Energy Sales and Installation serving: Long Island . Nassau County . Suffolk County
 New York City . New York County / Manhattan . Queens County . Richmond County / Staten Island . Kings County / Brooklyn

Limited Promotion Period Domestic Solar Hot Water Heater Installed residential & commercial
for solar Long Island customers while this solar promotion ad is posted click here, save thousands

New York Renewable Energy of Long Island is offering new solar domestic hot water heaters installed on new customers residential homes the opportunity to end up with the solar hot water system to earn additional profits. For full details
 call +1 (516) 270-3780 - details to this solar promotional offer are by phone only. Please state your name, telephone number, and mention this promotion when you call and leave a message. A New York Renewable Energy representative will return your call within 24 hours with the full details to this limited time promotion. Full New York State and Federal rebates apply; 55% tax rebate off total solar purchase and installation on our Solar Hot Water Heater Systems, except pool heating portion of install, piping snd external pool heat exchanger, parts and labor, now tax.

Solar Energy Systems Grants Tax Credit Rebates and Pricing

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 Long Island Solar Energy Incentives
Collector Discount Program 2014

more info NYSERDA New York City Solar Grants and Low Interest Loan Programs from NYS

Solar Energy High Performance Domestic Hot Water and Heating Systems

All About Long Island Conventional Housing Construction and Long Island Solar Home Heating click here

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/ Brooklyn - Kings County / New York City - Manhattan / Staten Island /

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All our solar thermal products can be safely shipped anywhere in America.

 Premium Hot Water Heat Exchanger Tank Sale  

50 gallon Single Coil Insulated Tank  Sale:$1,200
compare to retail price $1500

80 gallon Single Coil Insulated Tank  $1400.00
compare to retail price $1800

While Heat Exchanger Tanks Supplies Last in Stock on Long Island

These state of the art high quality heat exchanger tanks incorporate into any active solar thermal energy system utilizing water drain back or glycol systems.

NOW AVAILABLE in Long Island and the New York City Area
State of the Art, Highest Quality and Efficiency Grid Tie In PV Electric Photovoltaic Systems
Long Island and New York City Sales, Installations, and Service by NYSERDA Certified Installers

Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications

Call today for the best pricing, highest quality and efficiency PV solar panel systems installed by photovoltaic NYSERDA certified expert installers or sold and shipped w/o installation anywhere in the world. Call or email for the full details, pricing, and rebates to all residential, business, and  commercial pv systems. +1 (516) 270-3780 / rwmconsultants@gmail.com 

High Efficiency Thin Film PV-achieving a breakthrough 9% conversion efficiency per sq ft roof space generating electric. We have an excellent application for thin film, not for the roof. Clouding drastically effects the efficiency.

Monocrystalline Modules-being efficient and reliable for a wide range of applications, up to 23% efficiency per sq ft roof space generating electric. Clouding drastically effects the efficiency.

Polycrystalline Modules-the continued stability ensures smooth operation in any environment, up to 21% efficiency per sq ft roof space generating electric. Clouding drastically effects the efficiency

DHSHW OG-300 - over 55% efficiency per sq ft generating hot water, heat for domestic hot water, and later, possibly looped to a solar air conditioner in summer, this is how much heat these produce. Clouding does not reduce the efficiency nearly as much as pv panels. PV panels is an entirely different technology and very sensitive to direction and pitch in mounting. We have allot of leeway with our thermal collectors, just no shading.

New York Renewable Energy ships across America
 for more information / ordering call
+1 (516) 270-3780 
email rwmconsultants@gmail.com

Long Island solar energy affordable residential and commercial solar thermal and photovoltaic systems

May 7, 2003Dr. Harding won Hottel Award. Dr. Geoffrey Lester Harding's multinational contributions in the field of solar thermal heating have helped our solar hot water heater become the leader application of the world.

Solar, Long Island's Renewable Energy
Solar thermal energy in Long Island is the most efficient, cost effective renewable energy to purchase and install across Long Island for residential, commercial, and industrial solar applications to solar domestic hot water, solar home space heat, and solar pool heating. These high performance solar thermal collectors generate the heat necessary to operate central air conditioning across Long Island.

Solar Energy Systems all year operation across Long Island passive solar thermal collector system produces domestic hot water 365 days a year in Long Island, even when it is cloudy, raining or snowing. active/passive solar thermal collector system operates as an active solar system heating  Long Island homes during the home heating season then operates as an active passive solar thermal system heating the swimming pool extending the pool swimming season in Long Island; generating the heat necessary to solar heat a Jacuzzi as well as generate solar domestic hot water year round from Westchester to New York City to Montauk, Long Island.

While the technology to the Passive Solar Domestic Hot Water Heater and the Passive Pool Heater/ Active Space Heating Systems is space technology, the installations and applications into existing conventional home and pool heating systems and existing domestic conventional hot water heaters is not simple to install. Any factory trained, certified licensed plumber or licensed contractor can complete the installation of these solar systems as well as a handy homeowner with construction and plumbing ability. All solar installations must be approved and inspected by the Long Island local building departments and installed by permit across Long Island and New York City locations. these systems need to be installed properly and inspected by an expert for safety and that the system is installed efficiently. We will assist.

Long Island Solar PV Electric Systems Now Available: New York Renewable Energy of Long Island is now offering state of the art photovoltaic solar systems and design in residential and commercial applications in Long Island and the New York City area. All PV systems come with a twenty five year UL certified product warranty professionally installed by our NYSERDA certified installers. All photovoltaic systems tied into the grid and qualify for all rebates and incentives by the electric companies, the federal and state government tax rebates, as well as the NYSERDA and New York City incentives for residential, commercial, and businesses. CALL TODAY for competitive pricing with the highest quality and efficient Photovoltaic PV solar electric products and designs. Equally important, our clients will be doing business with the top certified installer that they can count on for decades to come for service in a moments notice.

"In Progress" Long Island Solar Energy Answers to Solar Questions: Click Here
for the most common  solar energy questions and answers regarding solar energy in Long Island to pv, solar hot water, solar home heating, and solar pool heating. Learn the facts about solar energy investment across Long Island from an investor's perspective, ROI/return  on investment. The Long Island informed solar consumer is our best customer.

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